First post! Vivamort Artwork!

April 10, 2018

Here it goes. I have had this idea for a while now. After watching tons of Youtube videos of reviews and other people's opinions. I decided that I wanted to give my own 2 cents on the things that I have watched, read or played. I've never felt comfortable in front of a camera, so it was suggested to me to do a blog instead.  I also wanted to keep updates on my novel here. My first post is this introduction and a picture of my novel's villains.  I originally wanted to the story as a graphic novel, so everyone would see exactly what i was saw in my mind. Unfortunately, my art skills are severely lacking and getting someone to do would cost way more than I ever have. I decided to write it as a screenplay. So after I did a online course I completed my first draft of Vivamort. I was proud that after 9 years since the dream I had that started the idea. After that I quickly wrote a couple of more but  upon realising the odds of selling a screenplay.  I was left feeling a bit overwhelmed. So I started writing it in novel form. 


Through different forms of telling a story. I've learnt that each format has both positives and negatives but a novel gives you the most control of how you tell your story. I have enjoyed learning about writing screenplays and hope to do more literacy courses soon.


The image below is of 'The Cult of Vivamort'. Their are the main antagonists of the book. This was commissioned from my designs early on in the graphic novel stage. I had it done to remind me to keep going when I got frustrated writing. Now that I'm no longer doing a graphic novel, it hangs in my lounge.  As a huge comic book fan, the image does pay homage to another scene from a newer comic book.    



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