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May 7, 2018


I've realised that saying that I'm a author without really publishing anything, is being a bit forward.  So I decided to share some writing I recently did for a course in creative writing. It's not much but might give a window into my writing style.



"Good Night." Jenny replies as she locks the restaurant door.  Her fellow workers start walking south towards the tube station and she heads north. Her flat is nearby and doesn't require the tube to get there. After a couple of minutes of walking on main streets she turns in to a back alley. She knows it's dangerous walking these types of streets alone at night, but it shaves 10 minutes of her journey and she really wants to see her son.  He had a maths test today that they've have studied together for all week and she was dying to find out how he did.  As she walks in to the alley she hears a person cough. She looks around whilst still walking, not daring to stop.  She doesn't see anyone but hears the sound of someone kicking a glass bottle behind her and she panics and starts to run.  High heels aren't bearable for a woman in her profession, so she wears trainers. Also her daily 5k runs meant she could be fast when she wanted to be.  She stops running and slowed to a steady walk when she gets to the other side of the alley.  She looks back and sees a tall dark figure coming up the alley. She's scared when she hears him shout something at her. She crosses the road and jogs across the green in front of her block of flats. She gets to the glass entry door and press the button for their flat but there's no answer.  She looks back and see the dark figure leave the alley and starts to cross the road. She presses her button again and again.  "Mmmm? Hello?" A tired voice comes from the intercom.  "Kevin, Sweetie it's Mum. let me in."


She looks back and the hooded character is half way across the green. "You're late Mum." Kevin sleepy voice comes through the metal box. "I know honey, open the door and I'll be right up." She replies with urgency in her voice. The buzz rings out the intercom and she pull the door open. She rushes in and drags the door shut.  Now through the glass door, she is staring at the cloaked face to face.  The dark figure pulls off the coat's hood, revealing it's Bill. "Hi, Mrs. Barker. I tried shouting at you, but you ran away.  Did i frighten you? Sorry."  She was still holding the door closed even though it has automatically locked again.  She snaps out of her fear and let’s go of the door. "No, that's okay.  I'm fine." She says still being cautious of him, even though he's on the other side of a locked door.  He smiles at her and points towards the door handle. "Can you let me in, I got a new game I want to show Kev."


"I'm sorry but Kevin asleep and he's got school tomorrow.  Goodnight."  She replies and turns to walk away.


"If Kev's asleep, who buzzed you in?" Bill asked suspiciously.  The question made her turn back. "I'm sorry?" Bill smiles at her and she feels immediately uncomfortable by it. "Well if Kev is asleep, maybe me and you could play a little game." She stands frozen in shock, just staring at him. "Hell, I’ll even let you win." He laughs.  She becomes angry by his advances. "Good night Bill." She walks away and around the corner to the stairs. As she climbs the first flight she hears him banging on the locked entry door, shouting at her.  She rushes to the second floor where she lives, she leans over to the stairs and hear the buzzing of the door being unlocked. Terrified now, she runs down the hall to her front door. Footsteps echo up from the staircase as she fumbles with her keys.  She manages to unlock the door and clambers in.  She slams the door behind her and whilst leaning against the door she locks the dead bolt and puts on the security chain. She presses her ear against the door, listening for the oncoming footsteps. "Mum!"  Kevin is in their hallway behind her.  "Move out the way, will ya. Bill's on his way up."  He says as she stares at him in disbelieve.  She managed to get away from Bill, only for her son to invite him in.   A loud knock made them both jump and look towards their front door.

"Kev. Let me in. I don't think your Mum saw me." Bill voice comes from the other side of the door.

"Alright, give me a sec." Kevin goes to take the chain off when Jenny grabs his wrist. "Not tonight it's late." He looks confused at her.


"It's not that late." He replies, before trying for the chain again. Still holding his wrist she tugs hard on it. "I said no." She says it sternly and Kevin rolls his eyes in compliance.  "Oh Come on Mrs. B.  I got games for everyone to play."  Bill's voice creeps under the door.  Kevin is still unaware of the situation.  "Look Mum says no. so I'll see you tomorrow mate." Kevin says at the door.  There's a second of silence.


"Look mate if you wanna go to bed that's fine but let me in so I can talk to your mum a sec."  Confused why his friend would want to hang out with his mum, he decides it's a joke.  "Yeah funny, see you tomorrow Bill."


"Look you little shit let me in right now before I fucking put you to sleep for good." Bill's loud and nasty voice frightens Kevin and Jenny and they both start walking away from the door. Bill begins to bang on the door, making Kevin hug his mum in fright. "I'm calling the police Bill." Jenny calls out as she reaches for her mobile in her jacket pocket. Everything falls silent and she slowly walks towards the door.  She looks through the peep hole and sees an empty hall way. She lets out a sigh of relief and puts the phone back in her pocket.  With her back against the door, she slides to the floor and Kevin runs over and gives her another hug.



There's a brief sample of my writing. 








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